Sunday, April 12, 2009


Sometimes my husband teases me about the daily to-do list that I keep on the white board in our kitchen. For example, "Laundry is on the list every day; why do you bother to erase it?" My answer for that is that I like to erase the things I get done so I can feel like I accomplished something. He teases me when I have already started a long list for the next day. But he never has to plan ahead like I do. He is content to live from day to day and let me focus on what has to get done in the next week or so. Keeping a list also helps remind me to make time for things that aren't a "ususal" task, like when I have an editing job that I need to complete. If I don't insist on some time to focus on a job, no one is going to just offer it to me. Finally, one reason I keep a list is that a small (very small) part of me secretly hopes that someone will read my list and take the initiative to complete one or two of the chores with out having to be asked (or nagged).

I've learned that kids should NEVER play with Moon Sand in the house. Enough said. Happy Easter!

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