Monday, May 7, 2012

I woke up this morning, and found all three of my children quietly writing in their journals. They had already eaten breakfast, and cleared their cereal bowls from the table. We began our school day with a few poems, and then delved into our coursework. All three were finished with school by noon, without any complaining or bickering. I even finished a short to-do list. 

After lunch and outdoor play time, we jumped in the car and went to get frozen yogurt. Our 30 minutes in Menchies was blissfully uneventful. Next stop, Target, where we managed to by-pass the toy department, and found exactly what we needed without anyone asking for any "extras". As we cruised the aisles, I overheard one harried mom telling her children to "look and see how well those kids are behaving for their mother." My heart swelled with pride.

Upon returning home, the kids played peacefully in the backyard, while I read a book on the patio. They all took showers while I cooked dinner, which everyone ate without complaints, spills, or other such unpleasantness. Later, after bowls of ice cream, we read some books together on the couch. Teeth were brushed without dawdling, and everyone got in bed by 8 without having to be told/nagged. 

It's now just after 9, and I am enjoying peace and quiet, and relaxing after a fun, fulfilling day.

Also, I have grown three heads and my skin is purple.


  1. Nice job, you really had me going. And that was quite a bit of disbelief you had to overcome. Tell the kids I love them and to give you some days like this so you can pursue writing.

  2. I was just starting the third paragraph when I began to think "I bet she's dreaming." Sorry to see that it really didn't happen.