Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today, I am feeling very fortunate that I am able to watch my kids build relationships with my parents. I grew up seeing my own grandparents frequently (except for my maternal grandfather, who died before I was born). I am so glad that my kids get the same opportunities. Today, my parents had us over for dinner. The kids got to go out into my father's fabulous yard and pick blueberries and carrots. The boys got to share their vast knowledge of SpongeBob with my parents who have never watched an episode of the show. Keira asked for music so she could sing and dance for them. In the car, on the way home, all three kids talked about the fun they had. I hope my parents had as much fun as the kids. (I suspect that they did.) After all, as I asked them in the car, who does Granddad play with when we aren't there? Who does Grandmom get out the games and Play-Doh for? The kids had smiles as they thought about Granddad and Grandmom doing those things without any kids there.

I love you, Mom and Dad, and so do Ryan, Luke and Keira.

P.S. Dad, don't take Ryan's question about who gets the house when you die personally. He's merely curious. :)

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