Saturday, September 7, 2013

What Will My Children Have?

Last night, my seven-year-old daughter asked me how babies come out of their mommies. "There's a special opening," would no longer satisfy her curiosity. So, I told her, and she replied, "I kind of thought you were going to say that." Instead of being freaked out by the answer, she got thoughtful, and asked if it hurt. I told her it did, but it was worth it, because afterward you have an amazing child to love. This led to more questions; thankfully not including the "How does the baby get there?" inquiry. She did ask if I thought someone would want to marry her, and if I thought she would have babies. I told her I knew she would be loved by someone wonderful, and that her babies would love her very much. Today, I keep going back to this conversation. I hope my baby girl (and her brothers) get the opportunity to experience love and families of their own. I hope they get to live in a world where they can be happy. I hope that they can live in a peaceful world. I hope that they can live in a healthy and balanced world. I'm so troubled by where the world that they will be inheriting is heading. My heart feels heavy right now.

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