Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Plunging In

So, the decision has been made. The (brand new) textbooks are here. My new Pottery Barn bookshelf is set up and ready for school materials. As soon as our corner desk is delivered, we will set up the computer from CAVA (California Virtual Academies), so that the boys can use it for school. The boys' courses and lesson plans are now accessible online. We are meeting other home school families and building a support network.

I am so excited to begin this chapter in our lives. Yes, I will miss the mothers, fathers, and grandparents that I used to chat with at the elementary school. Yes, I will miss the great teachers that Ryan had, as well as a few of the dedicated staff members I got to know there. But, more than anything, I am excited and I am confident; confident that we are making the right choice for us and that we will be successful.

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